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Ava Blank


Amusing. Profound. Moving. This is what Ava Blank stands for. Born in 1977 in Hesse/Germany, she followed the calling to surrender to all kinds of lessons that can be learned in life. After fifteen relocations, five studies, three degrees, two weddings, two daughters and two divorces Ava Blank knows exactly what today’s women are concerned about. This is why her mission is to empower them to become the best version of themselves. She puts that into practice with her clients in her job as a psychological counselor & personal coach as well as by creating and writing stories. There she tears out her characters out of their routines and pushes them into their lectures to be learned in live. Ava Blank profits from decades of experience as a psychologist and therefore is capable of drawing profound, complex characters from the scratch. She tailors figures that serve the context of the story – or vice versa, depending on what was there first.

Ava would love to present herself as a multi sportive talented woman because it sounds so good! However, maybe in her next incarnation. She is hypnotized by the ocean, enjoys the ease of a minimalistic lifestyle, and loves her dog. And her kids, of course, as well.

© photo: Maike Freese-Spott



series | BR/ARD
(scriptwriter, in development)

series | Lucky Bird
(scriptwriter, in development)


(based on the book “Mama allein zu Haus“ by Barbara Becker & Christiana Soyke )
feature | comedy
(scriptwriter, in development)

Other activities

Fiction (selection):

Schwanger! Mit Ausrufezeichen
novel, 2021

Lebenslang? Mit Fragezeichen
novel, 2021

10 Tage ohne. Reisetagebuch einer erschöpften Mutter
2021, Kindle

podcaster & speaker
Podcast: midlifetalk